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Associative Learning is a scientifically well established teaching method and is the foundation of our Hindi Video Language learning program for children. Associative Learning refers to the presentation of two stimuli at once or in close proximity and beginning to associate them. In the case of our videos the image of the object and the spoken word are paired stimuli. This is the foundation of all language learning. Children begin to learn the meaning of specific words by seeing the object and hearing the word.

Videos for children, especially young children, is a very controversial subject these days. For good reason, many, many children watch Far Too Much TV! We believe our Hindi Kids DVD Videos for Children, used appropriately, are wonderful teaching tools. Here are some guidelines to help you select and use educationally appropriate Hindi video for your kids:

Spend Some Time Watching our Hindi Videos With Your Kids - Try not to use the videos as a Baby-sitter. Enjoy some viewing time with your child. See how he or she has progressed with the material contained in the video. Your involvement will help reinforce learning.

Let Your Kids "Graduate" From a Video - Once the educational content of a Hindi Kids Language video has been learned, that Hindi video loses some educational value. Many children become addicted to a book, a puzzle or a video. Once a child has mastered the material in a book, puzzle, or video introduce more material. They will come to love the new just as much as the old and continue to learn new Hindi language materials as they go!

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