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Mission Statement

Hindi Kids, a children's educational production company, believes in the value of making learning fun for young children.  Our mission is to create products that kids and parents enjoy watching and at the same time learn the language / culture.  All our shows are kid friendly, original, and unique in their approach to entertaining, educating diversity to young children. Our aim is to introduce kids to the language and culture of India, teach children using different methods (See, Hear, Read), and hold a young mind's attention so that they can learn naturally.

About Us

Our company is made of parents and educators living outside of India.  The company started with one product, Chalo Hindi Bolay DVD, and a simple goal of teaching kids the language / culture of India.  We made the show so the children would have fun watching while learning.  Afterwards, we realized that we needed to reinforce learning, so we created products  that kids could listen (CD's ) and read (Books).   The journey has created 2 more DVD's that can also be played in Gujarati and Punjabi, beside Hindi and English.   All the products introduce the kids to the language and the real kid culture of India and that is the most fun!   Our children have learned the language and seen the scenes of India, and look forward to visiting India every year. 


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